What is this place, and how did I get here?

Well, let's see if we can enlighten you. You've been kidnapped at gunpoint and taken to a very dark place in the universe.

No, not really. Just figured we'd shake you up a little. How about we start with what it isn't? It's not your run-of-the-mill rock band website (that's fer sher). It's the world wide web home of The Messengers, the self-proclaimed kings of CT rock (some of our friends think we have a Napoleon complex). Here, you'll find all the information (except our personal phone numbers. Ladies, you'll have to ask for them yourselves). We promise to bring you the best of Southern and Classic Rock, as well as some kickass Country mixed in for good measure. Where can you find us? Glad you asked! You can surf on over to our Calendar page and see the whole upcoming schedule at a glance. Or meet the guys on the "Da Boyz" page. Follow that up with a view of our great live videos and then, get on over to the Contact page to book us, or just send us love notes. We promise to reply just as soon as we get home at the end of the day (maybe sooner). There's a lot to discover here, so scroll back up to that navigation bar up there, and get to know us and our names (you'll be screaming them later).


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Did you know?

Over 80% of the live music listening public have lives that exist on several planes, including that of being employed? No wonder they need to get out there and party on the weekends.