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Who are The Messengers and are they safe for public viewing?

Boy, you guys are asking the tough questions. OK. let's see if we can answer this one.

Back around, ohhhh, 2011 or so, Cal Myers and Jess McFarland started putting together a project, which, at the time, was tentatively named US Legion. The concept was good, but it was difficult to keep members when the genres were so widely opposite. You see, they wanted to mix classic rock with southern rock, and both of those with old school country. Some guys wanted to do country and some wanted the rock, but no one wanted to do both. So, the project was scrapped in 2014.5

Flash forward to September 2015 (Labor Day weekend to be exact). Jess was hosting a day long show to benefit the CT Humane Society. There, in one of the bands performing (Primordial Soup), he met Paul Tyler, a guitarist that impressed him greatly (well, to some extent, anyway). They began talking, and when the time came, Paul made the jump to Warp 5 (the speed, not a band).

Now, forward to the very end of 2015, after they had met Jeff Bousfield at open mic nights. He would become their keyboard player, opting for this project over another. In December of 2015, he made the final decision to make the switch, and the rest, as they say, is history.

All that was left was to find a drummer.

Enter Steve Sylvia, a veteran of the CT music scene, and known to Jess from many years before, when he was a member of The Jerks. Steve had been looking for some sort of project and answered an "ad" on Facebook. That ad was (you guessed it) for The Messengers. Work began almost immediately at the change of the year, and we now stand before you, the picture of musical health.

Simply put, we're like The Beatles of CT cover bands. You can't buttonhole us into one style. We're southern. We're classic. We're country. We're all of those and so much more. Just for hahas, click here to see what you might hear when you take the time to come out and party with us.

We hope that answers your question about the band. You can learn more about the boys themselves by surfing on over to the "Da Boyz" page. There, you'll discover all the dirt on them individually and with some very unflattering photos of them for you to laugh about (with us, though, not at us, please). Enjoy the ride.


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