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Who are The Messengers?


Cal Myers, Guitars & Vocals

Cal has been around the block a few times. Musically, that is (OK, the other way, too). Originally a country picker, he brings a style to rock that very few can, mixing the country twang with the sweeping sounds of the finest classic rock guitarists. Combine that with his umistakeable vocal style, and you have one well rounded musician. Plus, he's a really happy guy!


Paul Tyler, Guitars & Vocals

Paul comes to the band after successfully heading up other projects (The Paul Tyler Band, Primordial Soup) through the years. A veteran of the CT rock scene, he can give you anything from The Beatles to Yes and everything in between. Also an accomplished vocalist, his voice blends perfectly with the others in the band. And HE found the recipe for our signature shot, "The Message".


Jeff Bousfield, Keyboards

Also known as "Blues Keys", and having played with top bands like Rough Justice and The HD Allstars, Jeff has the great stuff that any accomplished keyboardist should. Whether he's filling in with beautiful orchestrations, or ripping a well placed solo, he's on top of the heap of players out there. He has brought an entirely new dimension to the capabilities of this band. We hear he's a pretty great web developer, too.


Steve Sylvia, Drums

Steve is the kind of drummer any band would be happy to call a partner. His roots in the CT rock scene with bands like The Jerks, The Steve Dunn Band and singer Kathy Ellis, have seasoned him for his current role with The Messengers. Toss him a song, and he'll make short work of laying down the beat, no matter what genre. Toss him a beer and he'll love you forever.


Jess McFarland, Bass & Vocals

A lifetime member of the CT musician community, Jess has played professionally for over 45 years. Having played with several touring acts during that time, both musically and vocally, he has experienced it all, from small clubs to large venues. As bassist for The Messengers, his pocket playing makes him someone you can easily dance to. And his penchant for pizza is legendary.


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